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Traveler on stage


Traveler On Stage is a collaborative event where
9 ordinary travelers tell their extraordinary adventures
in only a 6 minutes presentation.
It is the perfect place to disconnect and let your mind go away. 


Jonathan : 
Faire un tour du monde c'est top et le financer en jouant au poker c'est encore mieux! Jonathan nous explique comment s'est déroulé ce tour du monde assez particulier.

Julien : 
Un trek en moto au Cambodge... ou presque ! 

Daria :
Set off on a journey to fullfil her dream - reach the desert. However, there were setbacks and unexpected events on every turn. Thankfully, she discovered an ancient mystical energy and it became Daria's most trusted travel buddy.


But this is just a sample.
Take few minutes away to watch more wonderers
telling their stories



Here is what we stand for


what for?

The TOS aims to promote any kinds of travel. It doesn't matter how long it is, how far it is, how it's done, alone or with friends, etc. You get it, right? We want to take down stereotypes. 


The TOS is an independent event, not political, not religious, not commercial. Anyone is welcome. It will always be accessible to the low budgets. 

My tos is your tos

The TOS is an open event. That means anyone can organize it as long as you share our values and follow the format. The TOS tribe will always have your back!  

always dynamic

Our format is our strength. 6 minutes, 18 pictures, 20 secondes by picture. Speakers have to be well prepared and give their best on stage. That makes the TOS dynamic and unforgettable.   


Where can you join the TOS ?

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dear traveler, 

Don't be shy, tell us your extraordinary adventure ... 




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